South Sound Puget Sound Anglers Kids Trout Derby


WHAT:  First Annual South Sound PSA Kids Opening Day Trout Derby

All Species of Trout EXCEPT Land locked Salmon, Sea Run Cutthroat and Steelhead

WHEN:  Saturday 25 April – Official 2015 Trout season opener

WHERE:  Any Public lake or stream in Thurston, Mason, Pierce, Grays Harbor and Lewis County.  Private lakes and streams are excluded.

WHO:  Children of 2015 South Sound PSA Members and their families (Grandkids especially).

THREE AGE CLASSES:  3-6, 7-10, 11-14

PRIZES (in each class). One prize/child

Longest fish - $25, Second Longest - $25, Third longest - $25, Fourth longest - $25

Some prizes may be in the form of a Gift Certificate.

HOW:  Catch your Trout and take a picture against a tape measure that clearly shows the length of the fish.  Picture should look straight down on the fish/tape measure.

Send an email to with the following information:

Member Name

Child’s name and age

Picture of Member with Child and fish

Picture of longest fish taken from directly above the fish/tape (90 degrees)

Lake, Stream or other location where caught

Bait used