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South Sound Chapter (SSC) of Puget Sound Anglers (PSA) is a membership driven organization located in Olympia, Washington

Our Mission:
Puget Sound Anglers is an organization comprising 19 independent chapters, with common goals and interests, bound only by integrity and fellowship, with the goal of preserving, protecting and enhancing the sport fisheries of Washington State.


In 1985, a small group of sport fishing anglers in western Washington became unhappy with the national fishing organization to which they belonged.  Although they enjoyed the friendship and knowledge of persons with the same fishing interests, they were tired of seeing the leadership using the members as rungs on their own political ladders.

They were tired of their membership dues going to out-of-state enhancements thousands of miles away, to pay salaries on the national level and these officials did not care or even try to not understand our local needs. They were tired of being refused the right allowing input on legislation issues that involved their own fisheries.

It was time for a change, and thus was spawned THE PUGET SOUND ANGLERS.

is an organization of independent chapters, with common goals and interests, bound only by integrity and fellowship, with the goal of preserving, protecting, and enhancing the sport fisheries of Washington State.

The general outline of the organization is for each chapter to retain an independent nature. A State Board was formed which all chapters belong. This board is responsible to those chapters and promote general membership in the organization.   A working committee of the State Board is the resource Management Committee, which has the great responsibility of working to improve fishing in the state.

In addition, it was to help communications among chapters regarding fund raising and projects of interest to all members.

There are currently 16 PUGET SOUND ANGLERS chapters throughout western Washington.  These chapters all belong to a State Board Puget Sound Anglers.  This is the fastest growing sport fishing organization in the state.

Puget Sound Anglers have been involved in stream enhancements, educational forums, state legislation & Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife advisory committees. We also participate in fishing with children thru a joint project called Kast for Kids.  We have developed a program whereby our members take a returning GI fishing.

Members have been involved in stream enhancements, educational forums, state legislation, remote site incubators hatching salmon, fishing with children and even assisting developmentally disabled persons catch their first fish.  One chapter has a outing for the blind.

Many of our chapters put on salmon derbies each year whereby some of the profits are returned to the community as donations for worthy causes.

We have many of our members appointed to WDFW advisory committees, where we work with WDFW in establishing steelhead, salmon, bottomfish, halibut, crab & shrimp catch quotas & seasons.

Our members are now being quoted in the newspapers and interviewed by radio and television reporters. Their response to PUGET SOUND ANGLERS has been overwhelming as the organization is rapidly becoming known as "The voice of Washington's sport anglers."

In addition to the the previously mentioned projects, all members have a chance to learn more about fishing, go on organized club outings, take part in projects and build life long friendships with the other members.

Each chapter has a monthly general meeting at which fish stories are discussed, guest speakers are provided and there are even raffles to give you a chance to add to your tackle box.

The membership outings may have you fishing at your back door, west to the Pacific Ocean for salmon or halibut, north toward Canada or even into Mexico. There is also competition between the chapters as they try to lose the "Dreaded Swine Cup." 

South Sound Chapter (SSC): 
The South Sound Chapter's organizational meeting was held in a Pizza parlor in Lacey November of 1998 and we have not looked back since.

South Sound chapter has been selected to be a contact for WDFW for their bottomfish, (black rockfish) tagging project off the coast from Westport.  This is a project that a charter boat is chartered by WDFW & we supply bodies to fish for & tag rockfish out of Westport to determine their movements when later caught.  This method uses the location where released & also caught again by a charter boat, using the coded wire tag's number which was recorded at a original GPS location.

All paid members of the South Sound chapter receive a monthly copy of THE REEL NEWS. This newspaper is not a PSA publication, however the editor was one of the founding fathers of PSA.  This publication is a communication vehicle for all serious sport anglers in the state. It provides you with up to date fishing legislation, how & where to stories, new products, recipes, most chapter president's messages, and issues of information that is vital to your sport.

Our chapter also sends out a electronic e-mail newsletter & by snail mail our members who do not have computers.  One thing to remember, it is your responsibility to keep us informed if your e-mail address changes.  We also keep you informed by passing on new WDFW news releases & other current information pertaining to fishing in our region.  And you are looking at our website.

Our normal average number of members is 125, of which we normally get about 1/2 that regularly attend our meetings.

We do not provide, nor allow alcohol to be consumed at any of our meetings.

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PO Box 1002
Olympia, WA. 98507-1002