Our Members Volunteer
for Many Worthwhile Projects


(1)  Lacey Parks & Recreation yearly Fishing Kids at Longs Pond CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS   South Sound Chapter of PSA has taken on the lead entity in this project.

Here many of our members volunteer for the day long event whereby kids are given orientation as to fishing ethics, & instruction & exposure to trout fishing.  It is a great feeling to see the facial expression on a youngster when they hook & land their first trout.

(2)  Long Live The Kings, flood reclamation project  CLICK HERE FOR PHOTOS
      After the December 2007 flooding, the Lilliwaup LLTK hatchery was devastated.  Our members spent 2 days there cleaning, painting, removing debris, moving sediment & down trees, cutting up major debris log jams & just plain helping in any way we could.  We also later helped in their "Pumping" Steelhead eggs from the gravel in the Duckabush River to the end in raising. these eggs & later releasing the fingerlings into rivers of the Hood Canal. 

(3) Take a GI fishing
     This program is designed to take a returning combat GI on a 1 on 1 salmon fishing trip to show our appreciation for their commitment.

(4) Members of  WDFW  advisory committees
     Some members volunteer & or are appointed to set on WDFW advisory committees ranging from Blackmouth, Bottomfish, Halibut, & river basin areas like Grays Harbor & Willapa Bays.

(5) Attendees to WDFW "North of Falcon" process of yearly salmon season setting meetings
     here we have a few dedicated members who take their time to attend these meetings in the spring.  These meetings range from Columbia River, Coastal, & Puget Sound, where information is shared & a common ground is established whereby sportspersons & commercials negotiate for allocations of salmon yearly.       

(6) Attending & testifying at WDFW commission meetings
There are times when to make our views heard, we have to step up & make our voice known.

(7) Nutrient enhancement of salmon carcasses back into the rivers
Here, when available, we help place spawned out carcasses back into the rivers to aid in nutrient enhancement for the young fish.

(8) Boat launch facility clean-up
About everyone of our members carry a garbage sack & make it a habit of stopping at boat launches & picking up garbage.

(9) Donate money to worthwhile fish oriented groups.
Our main fundraiser is our yearly salmon derby, if sufficient excess is available in our bank account, we search out worthy non-profit organizations & donate money to promote their & our visions.

(10) Volunteer to man WDFW kids fishing tanks at the Puyallup fair
Our chapter has been recognized & honored by WDFW for it's volunteering to man the kids fish tanks over the past years.

(11) Volunteer for WDFW rockfish tagging trips out of Westport
This is one job that our coordinator has no problem in getting volunteers.  This activity is a research between WDFW & the Westport Charter fleet with the  purpose of catching & tagging Black Rockfish for the purpose of finding how far they travel from the tagging area.  The charter fleet drops off the rockfish carcasses at a dock that WDFW uses a scanner to locate tagged caught fish.  This information then is assembled in a format that gives fish movement information.

(12) Participate in Yelloweye/Canary Rockfish shallow water by-catch survey
     Here for a couple of years on the north coast (2004-5), Neah Bay & LaPush WDFW gave out a sample kit which contained a disposable camera & chart whereby the fisherperson if they caught one of these fish that could not be retained in a water depth close to the fathom boundary, you took a photo of it, recorded length & GPS location of the catch & then at the end of your fishing stay, turn the kit back to WDFW for reconciliation of the info gained.