Annual  SSPSA Picnic

In July we usually have our annual picnic.   This year it will be at Twanoh State Park on the lower end of Hood Canal again.   CLICK HERE for map of the park.   Here are kitchens tables, rest rooms, a boat launch & dock.   The crabbing season is open & we usually place crab pots out & if successful, we have enough cooked crab for everyone.   There is room for the kids/grandkids to play & wonder along the gravel beach.

                                  Annual Club Picnic Twanoh State Park on Hood Canal July 14th. 2007
Come early, 9Am or so for fellowship & BS.  Pot Luck at about 12:30-1PM.   We have rented the middle kitchen by the large parking lot. 
                              High tide 4:06AM, 10.8' --- Low tide 11:20AM
, -3.1' --- High again 7:13PM, 12.0' 
                              launch early
(6:30 -7:30 AM) as you will not get in the water later, unless it is a Zodiac
              Bring your boat & crabpots, launch early before tide is anywhere close to down to even 2'+, as the lower end of the ramp runs
              out at about a 0 tide & the gravel off the end is soft & a long slow grade.   Do not even think of backing with your 4 wheel drive
              wheels OFF the ramp.   Looks are deceiving.   The other ramps on this end of the canal are not any better.

      This tide will be good for beachcombing, oyster picking if WDH approves, & possibly even wading for crab.

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