South Sound Chapter

Christmas Banquet

At our December 7th meeting we have our annual Christmas Banquet.   The dinner includes ham, turkey, and all the normal foods associated with the holiday meal.  The side dishes like beans & salads are pot luck.  This is put on at no cost to the members.

At this time we also have a "Bucket Raffle".   Here there are buckets placed near the raffle item & you place your ticket in the bucket that you are desirous of winning.   There is the regular "Mens" items plus items for "Ladies & Kids".   Watch it men, as the ladies are sure to come back for more dollars from your wallet.

Also at this time, our "Loosers" raffle tickets are drawn.   This section of the raffle is that for those of you that have participated thru-out the year but have been unsuccessful, you place your loosers ticket in the jar & here is a chance of winning an item.


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Pre dinner discussions Pre dinner discussions Important discussion Raffle items
Teddy bear won