Woodland Creek Community Center 6729 Pacific Avenue SE, Lacey, WA 98503

Located in Olympia, Washington.


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What is happening?

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Who we are

South Sound Chapter (SSC) of Puget Sound Anglers (PSA) is a membership driven organization located in Olympia, Washington.

There are currently 16 PUGET SOUND ANGLERS chapters throughout western Washington.  These chapters all belong to the Puget Sound Anglers State Board.  This is the fastest growing sport fishing organization in the state.

Puget Sound Anglers have been involved in stream enhancements, remote site incubators hatching salmon, educational forums, state legislation & Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife advisory committees.


We also participate in fishing with children through a joint project called Kast for Kids.  PSA assists developmentally disabled persons catch their first fish.  One chapter has an outing for the blind.

We have a program whereby our members take veterans fishing.

You are looking at our website.  We also have a Face Book page at https://www.facebook.com/Sschapterpsa/?ref=search

Our average number of members is 125, of which, usually 1/2 the membership regularly attend our meetings.

We do not provide, nor allow alcohol to be consumed at any of our meetings.

Except in January - the January 3, 2019, meeting will be held at Cabela's in Lacey , Wa.  Our meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at the  Woodland Creek (Lacey) Community Center -
6729 Pacific Avenue, SE  Lacey, WA 98503, beginning at 7 PM.

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To become a member: 

(Please complete a membership application. See below.)

Annual Membership Fees:

  • $35 for membership, which includes all members of the household living at one address, 
  • $75 for Corporate (includes free advertisement on our monthly newsletter & website)

    Membership dues are from December 31 to December 31 of the next year
    Non renewing members will be dropped March 31

Included in the membership fee is a subscription to the Reel News monthly publication (worth the price of membership by itself). 

We also usually have a guest speaker who enlightens us on fishing, crabbing or things pertinent to fisherpersons, which is again worth the price of membership by itself.

To join, simply print out the membership application form, fill it out, and mail the form to the Secretary or Membership Chairman along with a personal check, or money order. Better yet, bring the application and cash or check with you to our next meeting.

Address: South Sound Chapter
             Puget Sound Anglers
             PO Box 1002
             Olympia, WA


PSA SSC Membership Application (pdf)


PSA SSC Membership Application (docx)


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